1-Arm Bandit Game Review

The history of the slot machine has a lot to do with the 1-Arm Bandit, and now the 1-Arm Bandit Game Review is here to explain even more. The slot machine used to be called a one-arm bandit because there was a lever that the person pulled to set the reels into motion. The lever was the arm and the machine was the bandit because it was taking your money. Now, of course, most of us enjoy online slots and there is no longer a lever, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t still be fun to play and enjoy the 1-Arm Bandit Game Review. Going up against the bandit is a great way to enjoy online gaming today.

All Slots Slot Games Canada

The 1-Arm Bandit Game Review explains that the game has a simple design and layout. It’s a 3 reel and 3 coin game that doesn’t have anything too fancy here. The star of the game is the 1-arm bandit and he’s a funny, cranky guy with whiskers, a red moustache, a cigar and a grimace. Of course, he looks a bit playful for the online slots game and he’s challenging the players to challenge him. Now, other symbols you’ll see in the 1-Arm Bandit Game Review include the red sevens, the singe bar, the double bar and the triple bar which all look like bullets and more. Anytime that you win in the game you’ll hear a shot be.ing fired from the bandit’s gun to create even more of the ambience of the game. Of course, the graphics here are as fun to watch as they are in all of the All Slots Casino games and the sound effects keep you feeling like you're there in the game. You'll love the country look and feel of the game and the way the 1-Arm Bandit acts and defends his space.

Getting Started

As you star the all slots slot games Canada game, you’ll see that you can pick your coin size from .25 to 5 and you’ll pick the number of coins you want to gamble. This amount is from 1 to 3. Then, it’s time to spin and the reels will begin to spin and you’ll see if you’ve beat the 1-arm bandit or not. If . you have three bars or three sevens you’ll get a decent payout in the game. The best payout, however, is with the bandit. If you are lucky enough to have three 1-Arm bandits on the first payline, then you’ll get a jackpot of 1000 coins for each of the coins that you wagered. If it’s on the second payline then the payline is 2000 and if you have it on the third payline then you’ll get a whopping 4000 coins.

Simplicity at Its Best

The best thing about this game is that it’s so simple. The simplicity allows the player who enjoys the all slots slot games Canada to have a blast without complicated instructions. Anyone can start to play this game almost immediately after getting to it and can have a blast as the 1-Arm Bandit Game Review explains. Of course, players who want to can start off in demo mode to get a feel for the game and to see how to play it. Then, they can start to play online slots for real money to really get the ball rolling and to see if you’ll win against the 1-Arm Bandit or if he’ll win instead.

It''s worthwhile, as well, seeing if the All Slots Casino site has any promotions or bonuses when you play. The site has many great promotions and ways to offer players more from their playing time and it's always great to check out the choices. Take yourself back in time to the feel of the days of the 1-arm bandit. The game offers players a great way to enjoy playing and to have fun with something that is simple, and yet fun to enjoy. Get started in the game today.