Play 3-Reel Slots at All Types of Casinos

The 3-Reel Slots are not given the attention they deserve. Based on the original one armed bandit slots games the 3- Reel Slots offer plenty of fun and action to every player. These Canadian Slots can be played for fun or as slots real money games. They can be played at downloadable casinos and instant flash casinos or they can be played at mobile casinos that include Android and Apple options together with Windows smartphones. There are many different styles and themes of the Canadian Slots with three reels and it is important to read up on the rules of each game before playing slots real money games or where possible players can play their choice for fun. There are also progressive 3- Reel Slots games that offer a constantly growing jackpot when players land a certain configuration of symbols. Each and every game needs to be looked at individually.

Single or Multiple Paylines

The 3-Reel Slots are made up of games that have three reels and single paylines or multiple paylines up to five. At the side of the screen players can view the winning paylines and see what symbols they need to land in order to land a win. Sometimes such as the game of Break da Bank the game is incredibly simple. But this simplicity adds to the fun and thrill of the game. Break da Bank has three reels and five paylines. Players can place up to five coins per bet per payline and the maximum payout is awarded on the fifth payline and is 2400 coins. Other games such as the Bar Bar Black Sheep have wild symbols and other special features. The wild symbol in this game is the sheep that can take the place of other symbols to make up a winning line and when doing so it triples the winnings for that line. The maximum jackpot payout for this game is 1600 coins with a maximum three coin bet.

On and Off Screen Bonus Trails

The Pub Fruity three reel slots game has only one payline but it offers a very unique bonus trail that is on screen for players to follow. Certain symbols on the screen have small numbers at the bottom of their window and if these symbols land on the payline players earn points to work their way around the bonus drinks trail. The bonus drinks trail is made up of many different steps with each step offering a different and exciting bonus prize. These prizes vary from multipliers to nudges to cocktail wins and more. The final point on the bonus trail is the jackpot win of 500x the coin bet placed. All of the Canadian Slots that are three reels can be reviewed online and players can also read up about the ways to play these games and the best strategies for the games. As with most slots real money games, the best way to play the 3- Reel Slots is to start cautiously with low value bets and increase the value of the bets and the confidence of the player increases and the winning potential increases. Players who are not sure about something in the game can always refer to the customer service and support of the supporting Canadian Slots Casino that is available around the clock. Leaving the game and coming back to it at a later stage is not an issue either with these slots real money games because the casino will remember where the player was in the game and he can continue with the game where he left it. Thanks to the versatility of online casino play through flash online casinos and now the mobile casinos, players can enjoy 3-Reel Slots from anywhere around the world and not just while at home in Canada. The player can access the games at all times of the day and night while on the move, on holiday, at the office or just visiting a friend. Playing 3 – Reel Slots has become easier and easier with many different styles and choices of games together with new games being added on a regular basis.