Castle Builder online slots is more than just another one of new All Slots online slots games, this is a unique online slots game with a great narrative storyline.  What makes this game so very unique is that you, the player, are given the opportunity to enter this story. Castle Builder slots online tells the story of a King who is attempting to marry off his daughters and build castles for them to live in, thereby extending his kingdom. Your job will be to help pick out suitable suitors for the daughters and acquire the building materials necessary to build the castles.

The slots game takes up just a small part of your screen as the rest of the screen is dedicated to the building site of the castle that is in the process of being built.


All of the symbols in the game of Castle Builder are related to the theme and they include the King and his daughters, money, building materials and an architect, a treasure chest and a locked door.

The game has 5 reels and 15 paylines and to get ahead in the game and begin building the castles, you must land at least two building material symbols on each activated payline. Two building materials will earn you a standard block. Three building material symbols will earn you a bronze block. Four of the building material symbols result in a silver block, and, if you are lucky enough to hit five building material symbols on a payline you will be awarded a golden block.

The old builder symbol acts as the wild symbol and will substitute for all other symbols to create winning paylines.

The more valuable your blocks are, the more your castle will be worth once it is complete. Once your castle is complete, you will be taken to another screen where one of the King’s daughters is attempting to pick between three eligible suitors. Each suitor is worth a different amount. Once you have picked the suitor that you believe is most appropriate, his value will be revealed.

The game continues and you move on to build the next castle and marry off the next daughter. As you progress in the game, you can check your progress by clicking on the map and seeing how large the kingdom has become.

The four levels that must be climbed before you can make your way to the end of the game are Forana, Ethril, Ilrain and Empire. As you make your way up the levels you will transform yourself from a simple worker to a rich fellow who is literally swimming in gold and silver. Each time you complete a level and before you progress to the next round, the Castle Builder bonus rounds will be activated and you will once again need to choose a suitor for one of the King’s daughters.


The coin range for the Castle Builder slots ranges from 0.01 to 1.00. You can choose to activate all 15 lines or only a number of lines, the more lines you activate however the more chances you have of winning the largest payouts.

The top payout of 20,000 coins is awarded for either five of the old builder symbols or five of the locked door symbols on an activated payline. During the bonus game the total jackpot that can be won is 26, 250.

The game has a generous RTP of 96.5%.


Aside from the truly fantastic and romantic graphics and the entertaining storyline, this slots game is sure to appeal to players with its lifelike job ladder whereby you are awarded for a job well done by progressing and making your way up to the next level. Although this game does not contain the standard free spins feature, we think that players will welcome a chance to experience a completely new gaming style.

This slot game also features a no-end game which basically means it really never ends! Once you have built all of the castles that the King has requested, he will begin commanding you to construct even bigger castles with even larger rewards.

Enjoy this new and innovative Microgaming slots game at All Slots Casino and make  some royal memories of your own.