Centre Court Mobile Slots – Win Free Spins and 5X Multipliers Today!

Centre Court Mobile Slots is known today as one of the top rated slots games in the industry, and it attracts more and more players from all around the globe as time passes by. With the ability to win up to 450,000 coins, enjoy 18 free spins, and be benefited with up to 5X multipliers, it is crystal clear why so many players favour this game so much. Gamblers who will try this game out will also enjoy the Gamble Feature which can double and quadruple their winnings right away, and to use the benefits of Wild and Scatter symbols, as well as the many other symbols' right away! Join and enjoy!

Play for Free, Win for REAL!

One of the best features existing in Centre Court Mobile Slots is the free spins feature which enables players to spin the reels over and over again while not depositing anything at all! While the winning potential is not reduced even a bit, they can keep enjoying the best of all worlds in All Slots CA online casino! So, how does it work?

The Scatter symbol is easy to recognize, shaped as a yellow tennis ball, with a Scatter title appearing on it. 3, 4 or 5 of its kind which will appear on adjacent reels will trigger the free spins mode right away, and the players will be able to enjoy the benefits! Moreover, the free spins can be retriggered! During this wonderful mobile slots bonus, players will also benefit with increasing multipliers, starting with 2X multipliers, and going all the way up to 5X!

Scatter, Credits, and Other Benefits!

In addition to letting players play for free, and win for real, the Scatter symbol's presence on the reels is sufficient in order to guarantee the players will be benefited with credits whatsoever! 2 Scatter symbols, appearing next to one another, will reward players with 2 credits right away. 3 such symbols produce a payout of 3 credits in no time at all, and once players are lucky enough to have 4 Scatter symbols on their reels, they are also considered lucky enough to enjoy nothing less than 30 credits right away! Lastly, players who will receive 5 Scatters on all reels in one spin, will enjoy the most rewarding prize of 500 credits!

The Game is Getting Wild

Wild is known as one of the most favoured features among players in the casino industry, and therefore it is definitely included in Centre Court Mobile Slots as well! The players will benefit with the symbol's ability to substitute almost any other symbol on the reels (excluding the Scatter), and thus its ability to create multiple new wining combinations!

Once, for example, two symbols of the same kind appear on the reels, players are usually incapable of benefiting with additional credits. However, two symbols which will appear next to a Wild will function as if a three of a kind combination was on the reels. A nice payout will be produced, and the player will enjoy a wonderful victory! Three and four of a kind can also be upgraded to higher paying combinations with the assistance of the Wild!

The benefits of the Wild symbol are yet to be over… first of all, players can enjoy a Stacked Wild during the free spins mode, which substantially increases their winning chances by many percentages in no time. Second of all, the Wild symbol, similarly to the Scatter, also holds some great monetary grants, which will be credited as follows: 2 Wild symbols are worth 10 credits, 3 such symbols produce a payout of 100 credits, 4 such symbols will benefit the players with 500 credits, and the lucky gamblers who have 5 Wild symbols on their reels will enjoy no less than 500 credits grant in one spin!

Gamble! The Special Centre Court Bonus Feature of this Game!

Gamble feature is probably one of the most special features existing in the game, and it will boost your gambling experience in a matter of seconds! All that it takes from you is to click on the Gamble button when you feel like it, and then… to start gambling!

Once the feature is activated, you will be able to pick either a card or a suit, out of the options available to you. Picking the right card will result in a 2X multiplier on your bet, while choosing the correct suit will benefit you with a 4X multiplier immediately. Notice that this feature can be seized until the Gamble limit is reached.

Gambling Features – You Choose How You Play

Different players enjoy different sorts of games. Therefore, the creators of this game decided to offer methods which players will be able to use according to their own will and mood at the moment. Those who like more surprises can let the whole game be played without any interventions from their side, and those who are looking for some greater sense of control over the game can adjust the game and its features, just as they prefer. Among others, players will be able to enjoy the followings:


Betting lines is easy and fun. It can be done either by pressing the Lines button, or by clicking the numbers appearing on the sides of the screen, next to the lines and reels. The more lines a player bets, the greater his wager gets, respectively. Players can increase and decrease the number of lines wagered as much as they want, until they press the Spin button. After one spin is triggered, the players can adjust the number of lines bet once more. There is no limit on the number of times players can use this feature.


There are two additional ways to gain control over one's deposit amount. The first is by changing the coin size, and the second is by playing with the number of coins per bet. The coin size starts with 0.01 per coin, and can get up to 0.25 per coin. The + and – buttons appearing on the lower bar of the game will serve the players as they choose to change this feature.

When it comes to the number of coins, players can start with only one coin, and reach up to 10 coins per spin. These features are highly beneficial since they can affect the winning potential as well as the length of the game. For example, players who will increase the number of coins per bet and / or the coins size, will also increase the potential to win higher amounts of credits since these are determined according to their wages.

On the other hand, players who see they are getting short in credits can decide they reduce the number of coins per bet, or the coins size. This way, they will be able to use the same amount of credits for more spins, and to enjoy longer games!

Bet Max

This feature allows players to quit pressing the + button and the Coins one over and over again, and to enjoy the quickest way to bet the highest wager rates possible! The greatest coin size, as well as the highest number of coins will be elected right away as players press the Bet Max button, and the spin will be triggered immediately! If you, like many others, simply cannot wait until the highest winning potential will be yours – this button is definitely the right one for you!