Immortal Romance Online Slots

What is love? That question has occupied philosophers, dreamers, therapists and truth-seekers for thousands of years. That's also the question with which the protagonists of the Immortal Romance online slots must contend. Troy, Michael, Amber and Sarah observe ways in which love can transcend from the realm of "likes-attract" to a different kind of romance in which humans and non-humans interact romantically. Part of the dilemma involves the deeper question of whether two types of beings who believe that they are in love can act on their love in today's society.

The Immortal Romance slots game is an All Slots Canadian online slots, now available on all casino platforms. You can play Immortal Romance online slots real money at your leisure on your laptop, desktop or mobile device. Just sign into your casino account and navigate to the games lobby. Select "Immortal Romance" as your preferred game and decide how to proceed. If you want to practice the game for free, enter the Free Mode where all of the game's features and elements will be available for no deposit gaming entertainment. When you're ready to play for real money prizes, click the "Real Mode" button and make your deposit to start playing for real.


More than any other theme, the topic of "love" fascinates everyone who is, in any way, concerned with the human condition. The dominant school of thought among philosophers is that love involves passionate commitment.  Many therapists see six types of love -- playful affection, mature love, generalized love, self-love, friendship love and passionate love – and try to guide their clients towards a romantic type of love that includes all of these kinds of love. Even physicists have a theory about love – many physicists see love as a chemical reaction.

All of these elements are part of the Immortal Romance online slots, but two of the story's protagonists, Sarah and Troy, must consider an additional element as well. The objects of their romantic affections are Michael and Amber who are supernatural beings. Can they love these individuals? Can this type of love last? Those are the questions on everyone's mind as the reels of this interactive, fun-filled slots spin, combinations form and payouts occur.

Slots Symbols

In addition to the images of Amber, Troy, Sarah and Michael you'll see traditional slot machine symbols which include high card symbols of a Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Every spin offers 243 Ways to Win and every win presents you with a 30x multiplier. As you spin you'll hear the haunting music of star-crossed lovers, interspersed with casino sounds of shouts and applause which combine to generate an authentic Las Vegas event as you play on your PC or mobile screen.

There's a 10-coin limit per spin so this isn't a particular high-stakes game but the possibilities to earn significant payouts are there. The Immortal Romance Logo multiplies the payout by two for any combination that it completes as a Wild.  If you achieve multiple logos on a pay way you'll create a Wild combination which delivers a special wild combination payout (which is not doubled). If multiple winning combinations emerge on the same spin, you receive a payout for each winning combination that you achieved per spin.

Scatters and Bonuses

The Knocker symbol is the game's scatter. The Knocker symbols don't have to emerge on the same pay way in order for them to create a scatter combination – you just need to achieve two or more Knockers, in any position on the reels. The scatter combination payout  is calculated by multiplying the total number of regular coins that were bet on the spin by the scatter symbol combination payout. If you achieve a scatter win plus a regular win on the same spin, you'll receive a payout for both results. Three or more scatter Knocker symbols, appearing on the reels on the same spin, trigger the Chamber of Spins Game.

Chamber of Spins Bonus Games

Once the Chamber of Spins bonus games activates, reels become wild and multiple winning combinations payouts. Up to five reels can become active simultaneously. If there's more than one winning combination for different symbols on a pay way, a payout is distributed for each combination. You can earn more than one winning combination for the same symbol per pay way, with your payout determined by the value of the highest combination.   

There are four distinct sub-games in the Chamber of Spins Bonus game.  Each sub-game gives you free spins plus a bonus feature. Chamber of Spins bets and paylines are those of the spin that set he bonus game in action in the first place. Bonus game winnings are collected at the end of the bonus game.

  • Amber Bonus Game – The Amber Bonus Game is always unlocked.   Players receive 10 free spins with all wins multiplied by 5 in the Amber bonus game. Free spins in this game are reactivated whenever three or more scatters appear, in any pattern, across the reels. These free spins are added to your remaining number of free spins.
  • Troy Bonus Game -- The Troy slots bonus unlocks when the Chamber of Spins bonus game is activated five times. You receive 15 free spins. Free spin wins in this game activate the Vampire Bat feature which transforms random symbols into wild, multiplier symbols of 6x multiplier.  
  • Michael Bonus Game – The Michael Bonus game begins after ten activations of the Chamber of Spins Bonus Game. You receive 20 free spins with Rolling Reels. Rolling Reels is an exciting feature in which symbols in winning combinations seem to explode and then disappear right before your eyes. Symbols that had been hovering over the exploded symbols shift position to fill the newly empty spaces. Rolling Reels wins pay out with a double multiplier. Rolling Reels reactivate so you can play again without making another deposit. Each time that the Rolling Reels reactivates, the value of the multiplier increases. You can reach a maximum 5x multiplier with Rolling Reels. Rolling Reels multiplier value resets to the standard win when no win has been created.
  • Sarah Bonus Game – There are 25 free spins in the Sarah Bonus game which unlocks after 15 activisations of the Chamber of Spins bonus game. The Wild Vine symbol appears on Reel 3 in this game, and when it does, up to 14 regular symbols morph into Wild symbols, facilitating more completed pay ways.

Experience great payouts and high quality casino entertainment when you play Immortal Romance online slots at the Canadian online casino.