Find Your Pot O'Gold With Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots!

Feeling lucky? You definitely will feel the magic in the air when you play Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots, a delightful new game featured at All Slots, Canada’s leading online casino.

You can experience the luck of the Irish right on your computer or mobile device, and you will be delighted by the magical experience that awaits you. With five reels and twenty paylines, fanciful graphics and music, and the guidance of a friendly leprechaun, Lucky Leprechaun may even become your favorite game!

Read on to learn about the exciting bonuses and fun features that make Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots one of the most popular, player-pleasing games at All Slots Canada online casino.

Immerse Yourself in the Whimsical World of the Leprechaun!

When you begin the game, you will be introduced to the friendly leprechaun himself, who will guide you during your gameplay.

As you play, you will notice a number of interesting, brightly colored symbols on the reels. These include a pipe, a hat, a violin, a few glasses of a delicious-looking dark brew, a leprechaun, a pot o’gold, a four-leaf clover, and the Lucky Leprechaun symbol.

The Lucky Leprechaun symbol is the permanent wild symbol. When it appears, it can substitute for any other symbol (except for the pot of gold and the four-leave clover symbols) to make winning combinations. There is another wild symbol – this is a magical game, after all – which will be explained later.

When any of the normal symbols (like the hat and the violin) match to make a payout, you will be treated to an adorable animated jig to Irish music. However, when you see the four-leaf clover appear on Reel 5, then you will know that your luck has just begun.

Free Spins Galore with the Lucky Four-Leaf Clover!

When the clover stops on Reel 5, it acts as the scatter symbol. Five free spins will be triggered, and any win you get during those spins will be multiplied by two!

Unlike other games where you have to match multiple scatter symbols to win free spins, Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots lets you get free spins with just ONE. Think of it as a special All Slots bonus for their most valued players.

That is not all that can occur during your free spins. During the spins, the leprechaun symbol becomes a wild symbol. Since it can then replace any other symbol to make winning combinations, your chances of scoring a payout during the free spins is significantly increased.

If that was not enough, you might even see a few more four-leaf clovers (also known as shamrocks) popping up during the free spins. Clovers that are either green or gold can appear, attached to a normal symbol.

The green clover awards another free spin, while the gold clover awards you an additional 1x multiplier (up to 5x your original bet!). The bonuses during these free spins could give you an enormous payout. If you are lucky, you could even win up to 500,000 credits!

Trail O’Fortune Bonus – Win Up to 1000x Your Total Bet!

No, that is not a mistake. You could get a multiplier of up to 1000x! That seems almost too good to be true, but with a little luck, you could bring home a pot of gold.

The Trail O’Fortune Bonus Game is triggered when three, four, or five Pot O’Gold symbols appear on the screen. The Pot O’Gold acts as another scatter symbol. Suddenly, a brilliant green game board will appear on the screen.

You will have four, five, or six spins of the wheel (depending on how many Pots O’Gold were on the screen) to determine how far you can move on the board. The multipliers begin low and go all the way up to 1000x.

If you land on a space with a rainbow bridge, you can jump ahead many squares! If you find a hidden green gem on a space, then you will get an additional spin of the wheel.

The Trail O’Fortune Bonus game is a truly unique feature in Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots that you will not see in many other online casino games. The massive multiplier means that you can take home a huge real money bonus every time you play.

Let This Lucky Leprechaun Lead You to Your Jackpot – Play Today!

If you love playing casino games that delight you with bright, colorful graphics and thrill you with amazing chances for bonuses and huge payouts, then you will adore Lucky Leprechaun. Out of the many fantastic games available at All Slots Canada, this one goes above and beyond in regards to player satisfaction.

This game, inspired by the Irish legend of the mischievous leprechaun, will help you achieve your goal of getting your own real-life pot o’gold. Start playing Lucky Leprechaun Online Slots today, and may the luck of the Irish be with you!