Mega Moolah Progerssive Slots


Mega Moolah is one of the most exciting progressive slots games in the history of the online casino! As well as being great fun to play, Mega Moolah is also known as being the millionaire maker of slots players and awarding the biggest slots jackpot online. It is easy to see why so many players spin the reels of this superb progressive slots game. Not only is the jackpot enormous and constantly growing, but Mega Moolah is also the first 4 tiered casino slot in the Microgaming portfolio.

The theme of Mega Moolah is the African wildlife. The images and symbols are full of colourful African jungle creatures including the Lion, the Elephant, the Antelope, the Monkey, the Giraffe and the Buffalo.


The Mega Moolah Progressive Slots Rules 

Mega Moolah is a 25 payline and 5 reel slots game. The coin size varies from 1 to 5 coins and a maximum of 5 coins can be wagered on each payline.

The game begins with a short clip of the African savannah complete with chirping birds and a setting sun. The symbols of the game feature many colourful safari animals including the lion, monkey, elephant, giraffe and a large African buffalo known as a Kudu. Joining the animals on the reels is the Moolah, the huge bag of cash.

The Mega Moolah wild symbol is quite fittingly, the king of the jungle – the lion. The lion can replace any other symbol to create winning combinations. The lion also acts as a multiplier and it will double your regular payouts.

The monkey is the scatter symbol, two monkeys scattered anywhere over on the reels will result in a payout whilst three monkey symbols appearing anywhere on the reels will activate the free spins bonus game where you will be awarded 15 free spins.

The Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot Game

What makes Mega Moolah online slots particularly exciting and incredibly popular is the jackpot game. The jackpot game is triggered completely randomly and unlike other progressive slots games, players do not need to bet the maximum amount of coins in order to be eligible to win the progressive jackpot.

 The huge progressive prize fund is accumulated every time a player spins the reels at one of the casinos that are part of the network. A fraction of the deposit that you make on the slot game will be deposited into the jackpot where it is collected and will wait until one lucky player will win it all.

The jackpot bonus game is actually composed of four different jackpots. Any time during the Mega Moolah game the jackpot game becomes triggered, the player is presented with a jackpot wheel which he will need to spin to see which of the four jackpots he has won. Once you have clicked on the spin button, the arrow will come to land on one of the segments of the wheel, the place where the arrow lands will determine the size of the payout that the player has won. As there are only four possible winning combinations on the jackpot wheel, the player is guaranteed that he will win something during this bonus round.


The four different jackpot that may appear are:

  1.  The mini jackpot represented by the Zebra- this starts at 10 credits
  2.  The minor jackpot represented by the Giraffe -this starts at 100 credits
  3.  The major jackpot represented by the Elephant - is worth 10,000 credits
  4.  The mega jackpot represented by the Lion and starts at an enormous one million credits.

 All of the jackpots will ensure that you walk away with a very generous payout. The mega jackpot however, is guaranteed to be over a million dollars, making one lucky winner an instant millionaire.

A Unique Progressive Slots Game

One of the unique features of this progressive slots game is that unlike most of the other progressive slots games at the online casino where the player has to wager the maximum amount in order to be eligible to win the progressive jackpot, in the game of Mega Moolah, all players have the opportunity to play in the progressive jackpot even those that did not wager the maximum amount.

Mega Moolah progressive slots is an action packed, African adventure slots game featuring vibrant and exciting graphics, a great audio presentation, seamless game play and a jackpot that continues to grow every time you choose to play.  Mega Moolah is renowned for the huge payouts players have received in the past years, many of them well over a million dollars. It is no surprise that Mega Moolah is known as one of the top progressive slots of all times.