Pharaoh's Treasure Promotion at All Slots

All Slots Casino channels the power of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs in the casino's new monthly contest.  In addition to your regular game wins, your bonus wins and the other casino promotions, throughout June you can earn even more rewards with the Pharaoh's Treasure Promotion at All Slots.

The Pharaoh's Treasure Chest promotion is one of the simplest and most generous of the All Slots monthly promotions. The promotion is open to all gamers who have an account at the casino. The contest was set up so that everyone wins – all you have to do is to sign into your account and open your treasure chest to see if you win free spins, loyalty points or any of the other give-aways.

All Slots Promotion Worth $150,000

The June Pharaoh's Treasure Promotion at All Slots promotion is worth an astounding $150,000. Everyone can get their share of the prize money, just by playing the casino's games. The more games you play, the more treasure chests you'll be invited to unlock and the more prizes you can win.

The promotion is open to players who gamble at the Download Casino, at the Instant Casino or at the Mobile Casino. Regardless of whether you play on downloaded casino software from the comfort of your own home, on an Internet browser of a public computer terminal or on your mobile smartphone or tablet device, you'll enjoy all of the benefits of the Pharaoh's Treasure Chest casino bonus.

Get Ready to Play

The Pharaoh's Treasure Chest Promotion opens at the All Slots Casino on June 3rd 2015. Submit your username and go to the Pharaoh's Treasure Chest webpage where you can click the "Unlock My Treasure" button.

There are eight promotional periods and you can play once each round. The periods are:

  • Round 1: June 3rd  through June 6th
  • Round 2: June 7th through June 9th
  • Round 3: June 10th through June 13th
  • Round 4: June 14th through June 16th
  • Round 5: June 17th through June 20th
  • Round 6: June 21st through June 23rd
  • Round 7: June 24th through June 27th
  • Round 8: June 28th through June 30th

Once during each round, you will have the opportunity to unlock one, two or three  treasure chests, based on the number of games that you played during the previous round’s promotional period. You can unlock your treasure chests in any order that you choose.

  • If you play two to five games and make a minimum of ten bets on each game, you will be invited to unlock one treasure chest and receive the prize that's waiting inside.
  • If you play six to ten games, and make a minimum of ten deposits on each game you'll be invited to unlock two treasure chests and receive the prizes that are inside.
  • If you play a minimum of ten bets or more on eleven games or more you'll be invited to unlock the maximum of 3 treasure chests, and you'll be awarded the prizes that are inside.

Claim your Prizes

This promotion doesn't involve any complicated calculations or convoluted requirements. Go to the Pharaoh’s Treasure page, click the “Unlock My Treasure” button and select the treasure chest(s) that are available to you based on your gambling activities of the previous period. You must open your treasure chests during the promotional period in which they are awarded in order to claim the prize.

What prizes are there? Quite a few, actually.

You can win Free Spins on the Avalon, Terminator II or Golden Princess games, according to your preference. You can use all of your Free Spins for one game or you can mix and match your Free Spins through all three games in any combination. Mobile gamers can only receive free spins on the Avalon slots.

There's also a flat bonus of five to one hundred match bonus gaming credits,

Your bonuses and free spins will be automatically credited to your account when you open your treasure chests. Log in within seven days of your bonus to use your credits or free spins. All of the payouts that you win when you play your free spins or bonus credits are real money payouts and are added to your casino bank account.

Casino Games

The Pharaoh's Treasure Promotion at All Slots is applicable to all of the casino's games. Regardless of your game preference, when you make at least ten deposits on any of the table games, slot machines, card games or casino lotteries you'll be eligible to apply those deposits towards your game minimum and receive the Pharaoh's Treasure Chest bonus.

As you accrue your deposit credits to play the Pharaoh's Treasure Chest game, you'll continue to earn all of your regular casino bonuses. If you're a new player you'll enjoy match bonus gaming credits on your first four deposits during your first week of casino gambling. As you play you'll continue to build up your Loyalty Points program and move up the Loyalty Points tiers. All of the credits that you use towards the Pharaoh's Treasure Chest game will be counted towards your invitation to the casino's VIP club.

Ancient riches meet modern interactive gambling excitement when you join the Pharaoh's Treasure Promotion at All Slots.