Sure Win Online Slots

You can never assume that victory will be a sure thing but you can certainly increase your chances to triumph when you play the Sure Win online slots at the Canadian online casino.

Sure Win is a featured game at the All Slots Canada Download, Flash and PC casino. You can play from the comfort of your own home at the Download Casino on your laptop or desktop PC, on any Internet browser at the Flash Casino or on your personal smartphone or tablet screen at the All Slots mobile casino.

To play All Slots games on your preferred platform, simply open a free account at All Slots and navigate to the games lobby. Select your favourite games and decide on your mode of play. You can play Sure Win and other All Slots games for free in the Free Mode or for real money prizes in the Real Mode. 

Playing in the free mode gives you the freedom to explore a game and become acquainted with its elements. After you practice your game in the free mode and feel confident that you understand the game's levels, features and rules, navigate to the free mode, collect your real money bonus Canada promotional package and start to play in the Real Mode where you can earn big real money prizes.  

Horse Racing in Canada

Horse racing is a popular Canadian sport. The Canadian Criminal Code codified gambling in 1890 and horse racing was included as an option in which gamblers could enjoy their betting entertainment. Over the years horse racing has expanded in Canada. Today there are horse racing tracks in every province and territory in Canada. Each Canadian race track features a different type of horse racing, These options include

  • Flat Racing in which horses gallop around a straight or oval track from Point A to Point B
  • Harness Racing which involves horses trotting or pacing while they pull a driver in a cart
  • Jump Racing (also known as Steeplechasing) in which the horses race while jumping over obstacles that are placed along the track
  • Endurance racing which does not take place on a track – horses race cross-country, anywhere from 25 – 100 miles 

In Canada, many of the tracks also offer slots rooms where visitors can play interactive slot machines. 

Play Sure Win

The Sure Win slot machine brings the excitement of horse racing entertainment to your PC or mobile screen. You can never say that anything is a "sure win" but wins cascade throughout the game. As you play you can boost your chances for success and rewards as you make the best use of the Wild symbols, the scatters, bonus rounds, gamble rounds and more.

Sure Win features  25 paylines which makes it it one of the more satisfying slot machines in the Microgaming slots lobby.  You can enable each payline up to 20 coins each so there's a total deposits option of 500 coins for a possible 500,000 coin win. As soon as you start the reels spinning you'll hear the click-clack of trotting horses' hooves which accompanies the dynamic graphics of the game. You can activate as many of the 25 lines as you want and you also have the option to leave some of the lines unenabled. However, only combinations that occur on a payline that has been enabled by a deposit will trigger a real money payout on a winning combination.

The game features different types of racing horses and their riders. There's jockeys Pepe,, Bo and William along with their rides -- Lightning, Little Big Bear and Blazing Pony .  The game wild is the Sure Win Logo which substitutes for other symbols to serve as the completing symbol on a winning combination.  Two matching symbols plus the Sure Win logo on an enabled payline delivers a win.   Wins that have a Wild symbol included as part of their combination pay out with a triple multiplier. If multiple logos appear, they also create wins, though those are not multiplied wins.

Whenever more than one winning combination emerges, you receive the value of the highest combination.

The scatter symbol is the bookie. Three bookies, appearing simultaneously on reels in any position, on enabled or unabled paylines, activate the scatter combination  payout and trigger the Free Spins round.

Free Spins

When the Free Spins round launches you receive 24 Free Spins. These are spins that you receive for free, with no deposit needed. All free spins are real money spins and you receive the resulting payout with a quadruple multiplier. Free spins paylines and deposits are determined by the bet and paylines that were active during the the spin that activated the free spins round.

Gamble Game

Any regular game win can activate the Gamble Game. In this round you can double or quadruple your existing wins. You can play up to 5 gambles per game, play some of the gambles or skip the gambles entirely and just play the regular game and the free spins. 

Following a regular game win the Gamble button will appear – up to 5 times. If you decide to gamble, press the Gamble button. A concealed card will appear and you're given the choice to guess the hidden card's suit (hearts, clubs, spades or diamonds) or the card's colour (black or red).

If you decide to go for the doubling option and successfully guess the hidden card's colour your existing wins will be multiplied 2x. If you decide to go for the quadrupling option and successfully guess the hidden card's suite your existing wins quadruple.

Combine the excitement of a day at the races with real money wins with the fun-filled, interactive Sure Win Online Slots, available for PC and mobile gaming entertainment.