Thunderstruck Online Slots – Gamble Feature, 15 FREE SPINS and more!

Gaming experience was never better than the one with the original Thunderstruck Online Slots! Now you can enjoy the most amazing gambling game with the greatest features ever! If you really want to play slots for fun you probably know by now you better make a wise decision and opt the game that has a bit of every feature: great graphics, amazing sounds effects, wonderful benefits, the ability to play the free slots in Canada while winning for real and even having a few interesting gambling features which will let you take control over the game and determine some rules. If that's what you are looking for – search no more! The most optimal game for you is presented over here and you only need to start playing it! 15 FREE SPINS can be yours in a matter of seconds, double winnings can be achieved in no time, and up to 10,000 credits can be yours in one spin! In addition to all of these, even a Gamble Feature Strategy can be played by you! Now the only question is – when are you going to start playing the game?

I'm Starting Off Right Now! How Do I Win the Free Spins?

FREE SPINS can be won in NO time once you understand how this game really works. The two purple rams standing on an orange background will let you know you are looking at the right symbol! This symbol is called Scatter Rams and you will need to win only three, four or five such symbols (which should appear one by the other on your reels) in order to access the FREE SPINS mode which will start right away. Once the 15 FREE SPINS start, you can expect a fascinating change of atmospheres on the spot! The whole game will be much more exiting for you and you will ultimately have the ability to win more and more credits while depositing nothing at all!

Other than that, you would probably like to know you can win credits even before the FREE SPINS begin thanks to the multiple benefits the Scatter Rams can grant you with! Even two such Scatters appearing adjacently will benefit you with credits, specifically two in this case (although FREE SPINS will not be granted at this point). Three such Scatters will already let you access the FREE SPINS mode and grant you with 5 credits in advance. 20 Credits & the FREE SPINS mode will be yours right when you win four Scatter Rams symbols and in case you are interested both in 500 credits and 15 FREE SPINS, be sure you can have it! 5 Scatter Rams symbols, once appearing on your reels, have the full power to grant you with this amazing benefit! Did we already mention that once you play the FREE SPINS mode all of your winnings are TRPLIED?! From this moment on, all that's left for you is to HAVE FUN!

Sounds Incredible! Now What Is the Gamble Feature Strategy?

As you probably understand by now, a great All Slots Canadian online slots game can let you enjoy the most thrilling gambling methods, and a Gamble Feature Strategy is only one of them! In order to start playing this feature, you will be required to click the expert mode and access all the new buttons which will be displayed for you right away. The first feature you need to fully understand before you are introduced to the Gamble one is the Auto Spin mode. Auto Spin allows you to practically control the game and make it work for you. Once you activate this mode, you are no longer required to click the spin button anymore since the bets and winnings are now done automatically.

If you want to have it the easy way, after you press expert you can also click 5X or 10X and five or ten auto spins, respectively, will be played right away. However, if you opt Auto play, a whole new world of opportunities opens up in front of you! Regarding the spins themselves, you can choose exactly how many spins you want to be played! For example, you can either choose one of the suggested options – 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 or simply type in the specific number of spins that comes to your mind. Other than that, you can also decide how many seconds you want to pass between each and every such spin in order to create the best gaming experience for YOU! Even a fraction of a second is a possibility over here!

Once you are interested in stopping the reels from spinning, you can choose out of many options presented to you! Do you want all the spins to be played before the reels stop their motion? Do you prefer the mode to reach to an end once you win a certain number of credits? How about making it stop once you gain your first win? These options and many others are available for you at Auto Feature!

Now it's time to learn everything about the Gamble Feature! Once you set the Auto Spins' different features, you also get to decide how to play the Gamble Feature. The Gamble Feature will ultimately let you double or quadruple your win, and at the Auto screen you will be able to decide if you want the feature to be played "always" or "never", if you want the feature to pick four you a colour, a suit or both.

Time to Win 10,000 Credits!

It surely is! The THOR symbol has both the ability to double your winnings by participating in winnings of other symbols (play the game in order to learn everything about the Wild symbol's abilities) and even grant you with 10,000 credits in one spin once five of its kind appear on your reels (2, 3 and 4 of its kind will also grant you with credits although not as high as 10,000 at once).

What are you waiting for?! Thunderstruck Online Slots is waiting just for you!!!