Tomb Raider Online Slots – TOMB BONUS Feature + 10 FREE SPINS + 3X Multiplier!

How do you like fighting women? Are you also one of these who truly believe powerful women are priceless and so much fun to play with?

If so, this is your chance to enjoy an amazing combat, to watch the graphics with the best guns and to enjoy the very best gaming features available online! Tomb Raider Online Slots easily grants you with the top rated features and benefits, and among others you can expect a chance to win up to 10 FREE SPINS as well as 3X multipliers which will triple your future winnings!

Other than that, you can be sure you'll find great gaming methods which will let you control the game and determine how things will happen over here! If you fancy some Auto Play and BET MAX features you can count on them to be available for you at this All Slots Canadian casino and online slots game! Bottom line? You've got nothing to lose and once you take a part in the adventure you'll figure things are only getting better!

I Want to Control the Game!

And you definitely can! Once you play the best online slots in Canada, nothing can let you down! First of all, as the ruler of the game, you must first and foremost click the EXPERT button at the lower part of the screen. This button will alternate the variety of buttons appearing in front of you and present you with some new options. There you will be able to find the Auto Play button which will let you make the game play for you. Once this feature gets into motion you are no longer required to click the Spin button anymore since the game is played automatically for you and all that's left for you to do is sit back in your chair and watch the screen as everything happens for you! Now, you can either be "lazy – fun - player", and press the 5X or 10X buttons, which will immediately generate five or ten auto - spins respectively, or you can decide to pre - determine ALL the conditions before you start auto – spinning.

By opting the second option you allow yourself to decide how many spins EXACTLY you want to generate (want to choose one of the suggested options? 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500 auto spins are offered to you right away. Want any other number such as 1548? Simply type in what you desire!). Similarly, you can choose exactly how you want those spins to end. Some players, for example want these spins to be stopped once a certain number of spins is reached (once more you can choose one of the following options: 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 2500, or type in whatever number that comes into your mind such as 5025). Other players, however, prefer that all rounds will be over and only then the reels will stop from spinning.

As you can see, all doors are open in front of you! You simply need to choose! In addition to that, always keep in mind that in this game YOU are the one in control! Even after you choose to spin 1548 times until 5025 credits are gained, you can always stop the reels from spinning. Pressing the STOP button appearing on the screen will let you enjoy a fresh start right away! (And then you can generate a new sequence of Auto Spins in case you desire…)

Can I Generate Some FREE SPINS?

Of course you can! The ability to play for FREE is surely one of the most exiting forces and you better know everything about it! The Scatter symbol is definitely going to be your very best friend when it comes to the FREE mode! Scatter can be easily recognized by its round shape and a woman holding two guns in it, standing on a dark purple background. Once you have three, four or five such symbols (appearing adjacently) on your reels, you can know for sure 10 FREE SPINS are coming right in your way.

During these FREE SPINS you are not required to deposit anything at all, yet your winning potential is not reduced even a little bit! As a matter of fact, all of your winnings during the FREE SPINS will be tripled and you will be able to enjoy three times than you ever thought possible! And that's not all! Scatter symbol has another great benefit for you! Scatter can let you enjoy additional credits even BEFORE the FREE SPINS even started! Two adjacent Scatter symbols will generate 2 credits for you right away while 3 such symbols will let you enjoy 4 credits on the spot. 4 Scatter symbols will let you enjoy a 50 credits' payout and the most rewarding payout of them all – 400 credits – will be yours right upon winning 5 Scatter symbols! Don't wait any longer! Start seizing your right for FREE SPINS and FREE CREDITS!

How to Win at Slots Easily and Quickly

There are even easier ways to win the slots games than these known to you today! The Wild symbol (quickly recognized by the Tomb Raider title written on it), can replace any other symbol on your reels besides the Scatter. By doing so, Wild can participate in other symbols' "winnings" generated for you during the game. For example, two identical symbols appearing by each other will function as three of a kind once the Wild appears at one of the sides, and the relevant payout will also be yours right away! Four and five of a kind can also be created thanks to the Wild symbol, and just like the Scatter, few adjacent and identical symbols appearing on the reels can grant you with additional credits. This time the grant can reach up to 7500!

Is That All?

No, definitely not! Start playing the game and discover all the other great benefits such as the TOMB BONUS which can grant you with up to 2500 credits in no time!

Good luck!